For those to whom this pertains (WWP)

Due to my recent carreer change, and subsequent lack of time to pursue the prints. I have officially released the full res files to Kelly. If any of you want copies, talk to her... wanderingwayplayers@hotmail.com

Thanks all for the shoot, and if you like them...I AM for hire for portraits...hint hint... heh. I'll be around.

See you all soon!


Tagged...Damn the man

Once you are tagged you MUST write an entry about 6 weird habits/things you do as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

1: I'm OCD about protecting my gadgets. When I buy a new gadget, say my iPod for example, I can easily spend as much on cases as I can on the device itself. For the iPod, I'm on case number six, and searching.

2: I have this nervous compulsion to constantly keep my hands clean. When I'm stressed, I will perpetually wash my hands. The thought of hand cream makes me cringe, since it makes my hands oily, and I'll have to wash them again. If any of my belongings are held by myself when I think my hands are dirty, they get a good cleaning too.

3: I collect fountain pens. To most, they think it's odd that I'd spend $100 on a pen, but I love the connection to history. It's tangible, it's antique, and the only antique that's actually worth MORE restored. I write with one every day as well, and they rotate...I will write with every one, from my Parker 51 ca. 1952, to my Parker Sr. Duofold Streamlined ca. 1927

4: I think the world is going to end. This causes weird behavior out of me to the point where I always have two pocket knives one me, constant survival knowledge...(just ask jone2tone) and a running inventory of where I can get a gun quickly.

5: I'm on a constant knowledge quest. I want to know everything about everything, and until I do, I'm going to think I'm dumb, or not good enough at anything I do...since there will always be better.

6: If something isn't overengineered for my usage, I will find something else. In the case of my cameras, I have to have a pro model to be happy, since I know it was designed to be punished. While I don't punish anything I own, I like to know that it will last longer than I need it to. Right now, I have an N80 that pretty much sits around, while I tote around an F3 manual focus camera ca. 1983, since it is more durable. Before the F3, I had an Olympus OM1 that died due to being sat on.

So, there you go. TMI, Jay style... here's who I'm tagging...



Dum, da dum...another one bites the dust???

*gakked from jone2tone...

If you are now or have ever been (or know) a gamer, then note this and pass it along.

Palladium Games, publishers of such games as Rifts®, Ninja Turtles®, Robotech®, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane® and others, is in danger of going under. Why? not because of bad business sense or low sales or anything mundane, but due to embezzlement and theft to the tune of between $850,000 and $1.3 million bucks.


Kevin Siembieda, president & owner, wrote this open letter in the Palladium forums yesterday. Read it, pass it along, talk it up. They've been one of the greats in the gaming world for, sheesh, 25 years, and in a time when tabletop dice-and-paper role-playing is in a slump anyway, it would hurt to see such a powerhouse and fixture of the industry die through no fault of their own.

They've treated gamers right for a long time. Here's a chance to thank them.
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Updating on the urrgings of Bethany :P

So, life is still very much in limbo, and I'm on the last day of a grueling three day gauntlet. I'll explain. Sunday was Danielle's birthday party. Hoping against all hopes, I wanted a sunny day so the kids could play outside, and my family wouldn't hole up inside. It wasn't to be. True to form, the day was overcast and chilly ,and the only one spending the day outside was me, attached to the grill. All in all it was a fun day, but a horribly tiring one. My mother took Danielle that night, which leads me to Monday.

Monday Heather and I were up at 4 in the morning to be out the door at five. The reason for this awakening at such an ungodly hour? Heather FINALLY had her interview in Freetown for the possible transfer over. I went so that after the interview was over, we could go apartment hunting in the area. We were on the road on time, and made it to Freetown Mass. by seven thirty. An hour and a half before her interview. Fortunately for me, I had packed my bag 'o' goodies, of which I used none. Shortly after reaching the parking lot, I fell asleep, and didn't wake until near ten. Upon waking, I did take advantage of my bag, I threw on my iPod, and pulled out the PSP for a little Untold Legends. Heather finally emerged at eleven thirty, and rather discouraged looking. She doesn't think she got the job, and said she flubbed the interview. I'm hoping she's just saying that to not get her hopes up. I'm sure there are those of you reading this that are jumping for joy, because that adds another tick in the Jay's staying column...we'll just have to see yet. What I will say is that the more time I spent in Mass, the more I loved it. The people there are si much friendlier there than they are in CT... always willing to help, and wit ha smile on their faces. Not only that, but if you're waiting to get into an intersection, you'll only be waiting a short while. Someone is bound to stop soon and LET YOU IN. Try getting that this close to NYC... it's not going to happen. We checked out a few apartment complexes (yet again I refuse to move into part of a house...I'm done dealing with finicky landlords and their crazy whims, management companies are just so much easier to deal with, and more reliable). The first one we hit I absolutely loved. The kitchen was huge, and the floorplan was perfect. Heather didn't like it at all, thinking it was dark, and there was nowhere near enough natural light coming in. SO, we're still searching. The second joint we tried to locate turned out to be a hole in the wall, and neither Heather nor I would be caught dead there, so we moved on. The third place we couldn't find, and the fourth, which might have been the winner, as it rather closely resembled the neighborhood we live in now, only with cell service, had no one in the management building, so we couldn't get a tour. I'm hoping on our next trip (yeah, you heard that right) we'll have something set up to check this joint out. That is , if we get the job. That brings me to today.

Today is a little more laid back. I have to go back to Best Buy to return a case I bought for my iPod. It doesn't protect so good, as the first time used it, it scratched up the back of the device. Not only that, but the only headphones I can use with the case are the stock earbuds, and that simply won't do. I like to use the thing in my car, attached to one of those tape deck adapters. So, off I go. I'm probably going to pick up King Kong as well. Tonight is going to be the gauntlet portion. Adam is coming home tonight, and I have to pick him up at JFK. There's the fun part. navigating an airport in New York is never fun, just like the drive there...

So, there you go, up to date on my life...and you asked for this...sucker...

Random Night this week

Hello all interested, random night is at my house this week. If anyone needs directions, feel free to email me at: jpolaski@gmail.com. Shane and Matt know how to get here. Dinner is going to be Pasta and Meat sauce... bring what you want. No idea what's going to happen, though thre is WiFi, and movies galore :D

Jason needs...

Okay, here goes, I did the Google bit, and here are the answers I got...

-Jason needs a Pismo (one of Mac's codenamed projects)
-Jason needs your micro-cash
-Jason needs to SHUT UP
-Jason needs your help
-Jason needs to eat according to a controlled carbohydrate meal plan so his blood glucose will not get too high

your turn ;)
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Life changes, and I have nothing to do but roll with it...

Right, so I figures I'd put this here for everyone to read, and you can ask me questions from there.

Today, Heather had a meeting at work at 8:30. Now normally, everyone would say "so?", but you have to realize that Heather works second shift. This was really off key to begin with. I ended up going with her to the meeting because I had an appointment with the Neurosurgeons at the VA (worthless bastards). So, as we pull in to the complex, the FIRST thing we noticed is the news crew, followed immediately by the presence of a NUMBER of police cars, the most obvious, a HMMWV. SHIIIIT. Heather and I almost said in unison...we both knew what the meeting was about... layoffs. I tried to stay optimistic, thinking that maybe the police presence meant it was only for the grunt workers, since they are Teamsters, and feared a riot. I couldn't have been more wrong. I don't know if anyone has seen the news yet, but they are shutting down the North Haven branch of the Distribution center as early as March, or as late as June 1. The only real option we have is open slots at the Freetown center... For those of you NOT in the know, that's Massachusets. SO, sometime soon, we'll know if the transfer is approved, and Heather, Dani and I pack our things, and head for MA.

It's funny. Part of me is like...YEAH, Massachusets. That should be fun. The rest of me however, even while knowing what the necessary thing is, doesn't want to go. I would miss ALL of you so much. I've finally rebuilt my life here in CT, after leaving here in 96, and not coming back till 01.

What are the immediate effects? Well, Blue Star Studios is done before it began. Even if we don't get to transfer, I doubt Heather is going to get a job where the pay keeps us as comfortable (though she's ALREADY trying her ass off, and I love her dearly for it). I just can't swing the extra $200 a month for the rent. If I DO move, well, that kind of dissolves the partnership. I'm crushed there. This was going to be my baby...me finally geting to do what I love instead of what I have to. I have yet to break the news to my partner, though I think he's going to see this relatively quickly... I'm sorry Steve...

The other big thing I stand to lose? My gaming group. Now don't get me wrong guys, it's not final yet...and that goes for you too Steve.. but DAMN, my gaming. After having to wait so long for life to give me a night...I may end up in coolsville with noone to game with, and my gaming family happily slaying without me...ugh...
So yeah, now I leve it open. Ask away, and if I know, I'll let you know...
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In the wake of Nikons startling move...

Taken from Reuters...

Konica Minolta Holdings will withdraw from the camera and film businesses, marking the end to one of the best known brands in the photography world.

As part of the surprise move, the Tokyo-based company said Thursday it will sell a portion of its digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera assets to Sony for an undisclosed sum and cease production of compact cameras by March of this year.

The company said it will stop making photographic film and color paper by March 2007, pulling out of a market in rapid decline due to the spread of digital cameras, which store images digitally.

The world's third-largest maker of camera film after Eastman Kodak and Fuji Photo Film had said in November that it would significantly downsize its loss-making camera and film operations, but not completely shut them down.

"I wanted to put a clear end to the matter," Konica Minolta President Fumio Iwai said at a press conference, where the company also announced that Iwai would be replaced by Vice President Yoshikatsu Ota on April 1.

Konica Minolta said in November it expected to post a group net loss of $407.9 million (47 billion yen) in the fiscal year that ends in March.

But the decision to completely pull the plug on the business caught analysts and archrival Fuji Photo off guard.

Konica Minolta, created in August 2003 through the merger of Konica and Minolta, has a long history in the camera and film markets, producing Japan's first photographic paper in 1903 and the country's first color film in 1940.

Following the news, Fuji Photo issued a press release saying it will continue making traditional camera film.

JP Morgan analyst Hisashi Moriyama called Konica Minolta's move a "positive surprise…I was also not expecting Iwai to step down. This is a bold move rare among Japanese firms." He added that the decision could increase pressure on Fuji to downsize its business.

"I think the stock will go up. The traditional camera and film businesses were seen as a barrier to earnings growth and now it will be completely gone."

By ditching the unprofitable operations, Iwai said the company could focus resources on more promising areas such as color office copiers and LCD materials, medical equipment and optical devices.

Sony and Konica Minolta formed an agreement in July to jointly develop digital SLR cameras, which are generally more expensive and offer better performance than point-and-shoot compact models, and typically use interchangeable lenses.

Konica Minolta said it will continue to produce digital SLR camera bodies and lenses for Sony based on its Maxxum/Dynax mount system, meaning that current owners of those lenses will be able to use them on new digital SLR models to be developed by Sony.

But the Konica Minolta brand will disappear, ending a legacy that started when Konica introduced its first camera in 1903.
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